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Spy Web Media – Best SEO Service in Faridabad with 100% #ROI

SMO stands for Social Media Optimization. It is one of the best processes to increase the popularity and awareness of your brand, product or service through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, MySpace, InstaGram, Google Plus and many other social media sites. Social Media Optimization is just like SEO where the aim is to get traffic for a website by using social media sites. For this, Website and Website Content is optimized in a way to share across social media and networking sites.

SMO is gaining more popularity these days. Search Engine gives more value to the posts shared on Social Media sites which is most liked by visitors. The reason of giving more value to such post is that when a user shares or likes a webpage or its content on social networking sites, it is counted as a vote for the quality of that webpage. Hence, search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing utilize such vote or highly popular post in their SERPs.

As we are very much aware about Google frequent updating of its algorithms. Google gives more value to sites having good social presence on networking sites. So, it is important to make your business popular on social community pages to appeal both audiences and Google.

You might be well familiar of the benefits of SMO, but lack the time and useful resources to the most out of it. At, we can help you to achieve presence and popularity on social media with our SMO strategies. Our highly experienced SMO Experts can set up your company’s social profiles, update it with engaging and unique content, and ensure the whole thing is incorporated across all channels. They will help you to advertise your business in as many areas as possible.

Benefits of Social Media Optimization:

  1. 1. It keeps your company latest update in front of your audience’s minds with keyword rich content and regular posting.

  2. 2. It helps to cover wide range of potential customers than traditional marketing tools and methods

  3. 3. It boosts your website’s traffic, improves page rankings and convert more sales, enquiries and leads.

What we do?:


  1. 1. We set-up as well as optimize your professional social networking account like -Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+

  2. 2. For increasing Facebook likes, Twitter Followers, Google+1, and social bookmarking, we add social media buttons to your website

  3. 3. We set up a wordpress blog as well as integrate the existing blog to your social media channels to ensure all your audiences are kept up-to-date with your news.

  4. 4. Create fresh and SEO friendly content and upload it to your blog.