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Google Analytics Setup and Visitors Tracking Services - Spy Web Media

Google Analytics is an amazing free tool for tracking site statistics. It helps to track visitors who visited your site. It collects information of visitors and facilitates us to know the location of visitors, browser they used, operating system, age group, keywords they searched, paid search (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads or Advertisement on any advertisement partner of Google, Yahoo or Bing), Entry pages, Exit Pages, Search Engine, Social Media referrals etc.

Spy Web Media helps clients to set up Google Analytics Account, Create Goals, Funnels, install customized conversion code so that they can track their visitors detail and come to know how much they are successful in their business.

Our Services related to Google Analytics:

1. Setting up Google Analytics Account
2. Event Tracking
3. Goals with Destination URL
4. Track Facebook Page and referrers
5. Set up 404 tracking
6. Funnels with path of URL

Why Google Analytics Services from us:

1. Background on Interpreting Reports
2. Details of Page views, Visits, and Visitors
3. All details of time metrics
4. Details of Traffic Sources
5. Covers top landing page
6. Navigation summary
7. Entrance paths and others
8. Site engagement metrics
9. Appropriate conversion details
10.Easy to understand customized report